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Maximize brand and product awareness from golf outings & charity golf events.






Event Manager

Whether on Pro Ams or the Event itself ensure that the main sponsor is receiving maximum brand exposure.





Proffesional Tours

Put your brand at the heart of the game. Demand to be seen on the green.







An Innovation in
On-Course Advertising

The Custom Golf Flagsticks are a new, patented product which deliver a unique opportunity for on-course flagstick customization for your event , for your members or to raise money through outside sponsorship.

Both the R&A and USGA have ruled that the Custom Golf Flagstick complies with the rules of golf governing the size and appearance of a golf flagstick, allowing the product to be used on golf courses world-wide.


"I will keep you flagsticks in mind when I work with organizations who do tournaments. I am actually playing in one Thursday and will recommend you for next year."

Jim Stevens
Motivational Speaker,
Sullivan Solutions

"We have a number of events who like to go all-out. I will recommend your flagsticks in the future."

Derrick Clouse
Head Professional, Members Course,
Redstone Golf Club

"This is a great way for sponsors to feature their message. Everyone I visited with, really liked this new concept,"

Southern Texas PGA Director of Marketing
PGA professional Scott Atkinson.

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